by Eitch

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Today I begin releasing my first electronic poetry album appropriately entitled, Poem|songs.

I'll be showcasing one a day with a photo and its lyrics over this next week on soundcloud, however it is available to purchase now, in its entirety, on bandcamp.

I've combed through personal poems, thoughts, and inspirations; combined them into lyrics and weaved them through sonic landscapes. These songs were created as a way of reminding myself of who I truly am when I'm feeling out of balance and as a relief for mental and emotional hardship. A wish of mine is that perhaps they, too, will provide some sort of relief for others, or act as an incubator for self reflection.

There's 6 Poem|songs in total, and 16 minutes of musical inner dialogue finally set free!



released January 5, 2015

Written, Produced & Recorded by Eitch
Mixed & Mastered by Ian Stewart
Photo by Mike Nusbaum
Photo Design by Matt Haze



all rights reserved


Eitch Berlin, Germany

Lyricist, Producer & Vocalist // Performing as the lady of Altronipop // Pronounced like the 8th letter of the alphabet.

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Track Name: Under Design, Design Under
Under Design, Design Under lyrics

You are fulfilled at the core of your being
Atoms in motion
Feel out your intention by breathing

Everything you know is evolving
You can leave your body here and you will still fly
Drink the sweet honey of your insights
And watch how they grow stronger than you may realize

Question your process to trust your process
Trust your questions
Trust your questions

Inside this web of etherial material
Nothing is certain
Nothing is real
All I can do is take the path of opportunity
To the best of my ability
I do what I feel

Absence of evidence
Isn't evidence of absence
On the other side of this
There has to be something

Falling over and under
The edge of myself
Where is the meaning...
In the beginning or ending?
Track Name: Sailboat
Sailboat lyrics

I just need some time to clear out my mind
And my head of these cobwebs
And dust from the sky
You tell me no lies
I trust every word and let the meaning arise
My personal alchemy
Two extremes live well inside me
With all shades in between
Myths a plenty I plant my seeds

I close my eyes and taste your breath
That runs itself inside my nose
Then out my mouth your breath comes out
And washes me with all your words

My lessoned learned as ego burned an etched sense so blinding When then I heard the other bird's song of lies unwinding Beneath it all
Beyond the wall
Of my mind's own chasm
Laid all the truths a girl could want
To explore the world forever

Today is not the end of the world
It’s the end of our separate thinking
And the dawning of the individual’s shift-in-mind
To an eternal and abundant heart space
Shared between every living being in the Universe
This is nothing new
But a collective consciousness realigning itself
With what has already been
Is right now
And will always be

Words by Neil deGrasse Tyson

So when I look up at the night sky
And I know that yes we are part of this universe
We are in this universe
But perhaps more important than both of those facts
Is that the universe is in us
When I reflect on that fact
I look up
Many people feel small
Cause they’re small and the universe is big
But I feel big because my atoms came from those stars
There’s a level of connectivity
That’s really what you want in life
You want to feel connected
You want to feel relevant
You want to feel like you’re a participant in the
Goings on of activities and events around you
And that’s precisely what we are
Just by being alive
Track Name: Princess Charming
Princess Charming lyrics

I've been paralyzingly critical of my work lately
My mind racing to all these things so distracting
Trying to keep me far away from the emotions
Of feeling confused
And reacting accordingly

It tells me, "Now's not a good time
To show the world your spirit
Hold onto it -
Make it better -
It'll be our best keep secret"

But I don't want to listen
And just watch the time tick forward
As I sit
And wait
And slowly become a creative coward

On this goldmine of my mind's golden ideas

Don't wait for anyone's approval
Just do the best you can
Share your heart and soul with everyone
Fuck selling it to the man

You can make your love a business
If it's the only way to live
But forget how it once all began
And soon you'll forget how to give

I remember the days when I doubted
And my doubt felt like a disease
Looking back I can say I remember
When life was not such a breeze

But when I believed full-heartedly
My faith took me places most high
And if I focused on my happiness
Out came the joy of life

You see without trust
You've nothing
To keep you holding strong
But trust in yourself
And your power
And your journey will carry on

There's no I in "We"
But there's a W
Flip to "Me"
Track Name: Skullish
Skullish lyrics

Take a minute to read this
It might be worth it
Take a minute to see this
It might resurface
Take a minute to speak this
It might encourage
Take a moment to breathe in
While you still have the endurance

What's worth your minute?
What's worth your time?
My life is rushing past me
I feel transparent in my mind

If I weren't here with you
Would you still be the same?
Or would you find a new avenue
And explore a new lane?

If we don't take our moments
If we don't stand up to time
Your life will fly past you
Not for a nickel or a dime
But something more important
That you cannot buy

It's in these moments
That happen
In all of our lives

Will I recognize?
Track Name: Transit Time
Transit Time lyrics

I am a worm
For fishes to catch
Throw me in a pond
Get nothing back

Change my appeal
My shine
Cast out
Hoping you come in contact
With my line

I catch you
But I throw you back
You're not what I wanted
How'd I get so off track?

Over and over
I cast my line
Until I'm bitten
And chewed up inside

There is no up
There is no down
There is no behind
Or going around
There is only the truth
To go within
And out you will come
To begin again

To miss when you're not missed
To desire a want that isn't for you
To crave a feeling you can't touch
Holds you hostage within your thought

Don't give in to those who say 'Quit'
If you can't find your faith
I will remember it for you
And if you won't pray
For fear that no God is listening
I will get on my knees
I got you

Remind me again and again
Of the interconnectedness
We all are
All the time

I seek
A taste
A desired transaction
Where shared experience
Is transcendent beyond
Personal observation

A melting of sensation
Through my breathe
Your exhale
Of appreciation
A unified measure
Of cyclic motion
Both of the air
And in the ocean

There are much better ways
To spend your time
Worry not
Because I love you most

Sometimes I take
So you see how I give
Sometimes I speak
So you know how to live

You can plan
But you can't predict
So close
You can almost
Taste it

You can plan
But you can't predict
I think it's time we save
Your sinking ship

There are much better ways
To spend your time
Worry not
Because I love you most

Sometimes I take
So you see how I give
Sometimes I speak
So you know how to live

The lion inside her
Is the Sun's expansion
She roars with love
And burns with passion

A giver
A doer
A vital expression
Of heart
And kindess
In reflected dimensions


Track Name: Hot Magma
Hot Magma lyrics

Just say what you mean

I bring the light back into my life
And invite all that is good
To envelop me now

Wash away my tears
For fears are only
False Evidence Appearing Real

Take me to my higher place
Where I'm supposed to be
And show the way
With your guiding arm
The path you paved
For me

Embraced with your love
We walk ever forward

Look at where you are now
And where you were 6 months ago
Can you recognize a pattern?
Or are you just going with the flow

To some place far, far away
In the vastness of cold space
A vacuum so very violent
The original "leave no trace"

How does it feel
When you listen to the noise
That speaks in your head
With your name
And your voice

The one you try to ignore
But it just doesn't go away

Have you questioned where it came from?
Or just follow the narration

That tells you
You Are or You Aren't
Depending on its mood

And then let it become your mood
Until your core is fully consumed

Embraced with your love
We walk ever forward

Dr. Brother David Steindl-Rast from the film Entheogen says

Obviously Americans are the least
Of any people in the world
Afraid of drugs
Because there's a drugstore on every corner
So if they are so afraid of Mind-expanding drugs
Obviously it's the Mind-expansion that they are afraid of
And we are made afraid of Mind-expansion
By precisely the people
Who have a vested interest
In our minds being quite narrow